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Our School


“The environment in which adolescents find themselves has a profound influence on their maturity and self-worth. A school with spirit and good teachers can affect eternity in a young person’s life.”

Mom’s School is a pioneer in quality education since 1980. Mom’s is a dynamic educational community created by the interaction of dedicated organizers, enthusiastic parents and committed faculty. The medium of instruction at Mom’s School is English.


Seeing Differences as Strengths..


Since our founding, Mom’s School has been solely devoted to educating students with learning differences. Learning is as individualized as one’s fingerprints. Bright students who may have difficulty in previous academic settings may simply process information differently. At Mom’s focusing on the needs and strength of students isn’t supplemental part of what we is all that we do.


Every Mom’s student has a designated learning specialist. We teach specific strategies, either one-on-one or in small groups, which enhance the academic curriculum. Once mastered, these can be applied across a variety of course disciplines. This means that our students learn to use tools and techniques which allow them to grow in confidence and become independent learners. We employ state-of-the-art technology that both supports and empowers our students.


In a Community That Cares..


A strong close-knit community provides a secure place to live and learn. At Mom’s, our students feel safe and the school becomes a second home. We are a community where relationships matter and where we watch out for and support each other. The sense of community and independence is evident every day, in all that we do.

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