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Fees Structure


School fees cover tuition and most sport and cultural activities at school for students.











When to pay


School fees are paid in advance. Fees for the First Term (April to September) should be paid by the preceding 15th March. Fees for the Second Term (October to March) will be due by 31st August. For new students, a registration fee is required to secure your place. If you are joining us midway through the school year, we will usually ask you to pay for the remaining academic year in full.




Should payment for fees or extras not be made by the due date, Mom’s School reserves the right to charge interest at 1% per month.



Advance fees scheme


We operate a prepaid fees scheme, which may be of interest to parents who would like to put a capital sum towards their child’s fees. This can be an attractive option for many reasons and also results in a discount. For more details or a quote, please contact our school accountant by email at Please be advised that future fee increases will still apply.





We encourage scholarship applications from outstanding students. We would be very happy to hear from exceptional young people whose parents and teachers believe they would benefit from all that our school has to offer. If you are the parent of a talented child, you should not feel that Mom’s is necessarily beyond your means.

Mom’s awards scholarships to students who show outstanding potential, integrity, self-motivation, and an international outlook. We look for candidates who will not only benefit from attending the school, but who will also make a positive contribution to life at Mom’s and to the student body.

We offer a limited number of means-tested scholarships. We base these awards on a detailed means-testing process. If you apply for financial support, we require a financial assessment form as part of the admissions process. We may be able to waive the registration fees in the case of genuine parental need.

If you would like more information about applying for a scholarship, please contact us by telephoning at +91 9825018335 or e-mailing at

Fee Type

Amount (in INR)

Registration Fees

INR 4,000/- (Non Refundable)

School Fees (Playgroup & Nursery)

INR 22,000/- Per Annum

School Fees (LKG & UKG)

INR 24,000/- Per Annum

School Fees (Class I to IV)

INR 26,000/- Per Annum

School Fees (Class V & VI)

INR 28,000/- Per Annum

School Fees (Class VII & VIII)

INR 30,000/- Per Annum

School Fees (Class IX & X)

INR 32,000/- Per Annum

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