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Our Aims

Our aims at Mom’s School are to:


  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which inspires and motivates individuals to achieve their full potential;

  • Foster self-esteem and respect the needs and values of self and others;

  • Nurture a sense of pride and belonging to the school “family” and its community;

  • Provide opportunities for physical, emotional, moral and social development to enhance the health and well being of each individual;

  • Agree and develop standards of behavior;

  • Encourage the development of a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, self-confidence and creative independent thinking;

  • Recognize and support the needs of those who work with our children;

  • Treat all members of the school community with a sense of equality regardless of race, gender, ability or age.

  • Create a caring, welcoming and purposeful environment.


At Mom’s We Believe…


  • in creating minds

  • that any topic is approachable

  • that any student can learn

  • in building confidence

  • in creating opportunity

  • in student-centered teaching

  • that learning should be joyful and purposeful

  • in building respect and trust

  • in diversity

  • in challenges

  • in high standards

  • in a safe environment

  • in community input

  • in teaching excellence

  • in learning how to learn

  • in educating the whole student

  • that all actions have an impact

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