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Educate a Child in Need

Cute Girl in Classroom

Every donation helps educate more kids

Mom's School works with the education of children in the villages across Kachchh. 

A helpless child needs to secure his future is a little help from a generous donor.

INR 5,000
INR 10,000
INR 15,000
INR 20,000
INR 25,000
INR 33,000
Donate Now

Choose Your Gift

Give Education to a Child

For 1 Year

INR 33,000

For 5 Years

INR 1,65,000

For 10 Years

INR 3,30,000
Donate Now

What the beneficiary gets

  • Tuition

  • School Supplies

What you get

  • Tax Exemption

  • Periodic Reports

By donating to this program

You will receive the background information of the people your contributions directly support

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