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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


Mom’s school aims at going beyond the prescribed syllabus in preparing students as future leaders of society. Care has been taken to devise a curriculum that maximises progress in multiple dimensions such as intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural and artistic.


“The curriculum is learner-centric, with an integrated and thematic approach, developing multiple skills, intelligence and connections through the various stages of child development.”


Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the curriculum ensures amalgamation of respect for our rich cultural heritage and modern educational methodology. The alignment of the curriculum, to suit the abilities and needs of all students, is given much importance.

The Teaching Methodology is built around the premise that it is pedagogically better for children to experience a concept before learning about it through reading or writing.

The school emphasizes vocabulary development, language structure, reading, comprehension and creative writing.

Every experience is concrete, and different children need varied amount of time to connect their practical experience with academic lessons. This teaching method is applied to all areas of learning – English, Mathematics and Environmental Science.

Emphasis is given to practical experiences in learning concepts and ideas.


At the Primary level, children are constantly attempting to understand the world around them – they are curious and questioning, imitating their peers. Teachers engage in discussions with the class inviting the students to express their views, observations and experiences. Usage of Visual and Audio-visual aids create interest and learning in young minds. Excursions allowing for actual study of life objects make learning a complete experience.


“At the heart of this approach and curriculum of the school is the focus on self-development and self-affirmation, which is consistently carried into the teaching-learning environment.”

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